Girton College Cambridge

Girton College is one of the 31 constituent colleges of the University of Cambridge. The college was established in 1869 by Emily Davies, Barbara Bodichon and Lady Stanley of Alderley as a college for women. Girton was granted full college status by the university in 1948, marking the official admittance of women to the university. In 1976, Girton was Cambridge university's first women's college to become coeducational.

Girton occupies an enviable position in Cambridge. The College, home to a lively community of students and academics, is set in beautiful and expansive grounds while being just ten minutes away from the vibrant city centre. The buildings and gardens here are some of the most striking and evocative in the University.

The earliest buildings date from 1873, the year when the College moved to Girton from Hitchin. The first phase of the building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse, who also designed Manchester Town Hall and the Natural History Museum. The deep red brickwork, steeply pitched roofs, and ornamental terracotta decoration form an important example of Victorian architecture.

The College is organised around a series of spacious courtyards – offering attractive and informal settings in which to relax and socialise. The buildings are packed with interesting features from the neo-Tudor Gatehouse Tower, the impressive beamed roof of the dining hall, to the ornate stained glass of the Stanley Library. Each wing looks out towards woodland, sports pitches and an historic orchard. There are also contemporary features such as the Library's eco-friendly green roof, the air-conditioned Archive, and the energy-efficient new wing at Ash Court. The College provides extensive sports facilities, including an indoor swimming pool.

Inside, the College offers a diverse array of well-proportioned study bedrooms, each with their own character. Girton differs from most other colleges in Cambridge in that accommodation is organised around corridors rather than staircases. You are bound to meet someone you know as you make your way around the hallways.

Source: Wikipedia and Discover Girton College

How to get there

Detailed information with maps can be found in the College website: Directions

The pdf map of the Girton College sire is available as [pdf]

Girton College’s main site is situated just over 2 miles north-west of Cambridge city centre. It can be reached easily by car, or via public transport, taxi, or bicycle from the city centre.

By bus

There are regular buses from Cambridge city centre to the main College site. Stagecoach numbers Citi 5 and Citi 6 and Whippet Numbers 1A and 5 run from Cambridge bus station (Drummer Street) and Emmanuel Street to Girton Corner. There are no direct buses from the railway station to the main College site. Stagecoach bus services Citi 1, Citi 3 and Citi 7 go from the railway station to the city centre.

By taxi

There are taxi ranks at the railway station and in the city centre.