Welcome lecture

The opening lecture will be given by Professor Keith Moffatt from University of Cambridge.


Henrik Bruus
Technical University of Denmark (DK)

  1. Acoustofluidics: intro and basic theory
  2. Acoustofluidics: new developments

Denis Bartolo
Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon (FR)

  1. Hydrodynamics of active liquids
  2. Collective motion of colloidal robots

Jose Gordillo
Universidad de Sevilla (ES)

  1. Experiments and theory on drop splashing
  2. Experiments and theory on the generation of microbubbles and simple and double microemulsions

Dominic Vella
University of Oxford (UK)

  1. Elastocapillarity I: Static elastic deformations due to capillarity
  2. Elastocapillarity II: Dynamics of aggregation and snap-through

Roberto di Leonardo
Universita di Roma La Sapienza (IT)

  1. Microswimmers I: holographic techniques to study how single cells swim.
  2. Microswimmers II: 3D microstructures to study and control the dynamical behaviour of many cells.

Detlef Lohse
University of Twente (NL)

  1. Droplets and bubbles with phase transitions
  2. Diffusive droplets dynamics

Anne-Laure Biance
Institut Lumière Matière (FR)

  1. Electrokinetic transport for energy harvesting
  2. Electrokinetic transport in liquid foams

Jacques Magnaudet
Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse
CNRS National Centre for Scientific Research (FR)

  1. Flow dynamics induced by particles and bubbles crossing an interface: from flotation to wake fragmentation
  2. Falling/rising styles of buoyancy-driven disks and spheres